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Directions To Meeting


We will be meeting in the Old Board Room, which is located inside the Stringfield Bld, (Baptist Hospital) right off of 21st street in the entrance where patents are discharged. The room is located behind the cafeteria

Free parking next to the building at 21st Avenue and Patterson  and if there is room we can park in the "u" parking entrance.

   (2 blocks from either Charlotte or Church)        see Interactive Large Map




As you leave the main entry, walk into the lobby, turning left at the Discharge/Information Desk
Walk to the cafeteria entrance on your left, turning into the cafeteria hallway.

Walk entirely through the cafeteria.  The Old Board Room will be slightly to your right as you exit the cafeteria.


  Helpful hint:  get there early to make sure that you can find it & to ensure parking.     
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